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Winter Charity Appeal

Winter is here! For most of us we turn up the heating and enjoy the holidays with our family...

Unfortunately for the people of West Bengal it will be a bitter winter, especially for those who have lost their homes after Cyclone Amphan hit. The effects of the cyclone has been devastating to the region of West Bengal especially to the homes of poor farmers. Most of these people live in houses made from tin sheets and this does little to keep the warm in. Some people have also been left homeless.

Young children and the elderly are at a much higher risk due to not being sheltered properly, this is the reason why Peoples Needs is providing Blankets for charity to as many people as we can, to give the affected people some warmth. For just £5 you can gift them a blanket... Something so simple yet so effective...

For the majority of us we can afford to give more than one Blanket so we urge donors to dig deep and support this cause. This in return will benefit us all from you the donor to the needy in West Bengal. Please donate today... Thank you

Click here to Donate Blankets:
One Blanket - £5
Ten Blankets - £50
Twenty Blankets - £100


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