Recovering Eyesight

Renewing vision with renewed hope
Taking significant steps to return light into eyes that have lost hope by providing a gift for life

Recovering Eyesight
Whether it may be an eye infection, impaired vision or in worse cases; cataract, Peoples Needs has set up our Recovering Eyesight project in developing countries to provide much needed eye-care for those who would otherwise have no option but to lose hope in retaining the precious blessing of Sight.

This project is currently fully operating in the poorer rural villages of India and Pakistan where vital healthcare is inaccessible to the general public. We offer our services free of charge to all those who qualify after passing our necessary assessment procedures.  Masha-Allah due to your generous donations and support; we are able to offer the following treatments and services to those who need it most:

- Provision of free glasses/ eye drops/ necessary medication
- Full  professional medical treatment and after-care to all patients
- Eye healthcare workshops to bring awareness in poorer communities
- Shuttle service to and from appointments if personal transport is unavailable

Good eyesight is one of our main tools in aiding us all to fully experience and appreciate the beauty of Allah’s creation, not forgetting to mention its value in attaining a rounded education, earning a living and overall independence to any human being.
Where basic eye healthcare is not an option, many people experiencing sight related complications have no choice but to suffer in silence. Lack of funds, transport and professional, medical services are the major hurdles which these people face. Peoples Needs recognise the silent cry for support of those in these disadvantaged situations; hence strive we do our part in alleviating their sufferings.



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