Replenishing Lives With Water

Putting thirst first to give clean water for life
Building new systems to replenish lives with safe water

It is a known fact that accessibility to safe, clean water is essential to the survival and overall health of every living creature. Yet over 40% of the global population does not have access to it. Developing countries in particular, are most affected by water shortages, flooding and poor water quality and up to 80% of illnesses in the developing world are linked to inadequate water and sanitation.
With this concern at the forefront, Peoples Needs has set up sustainable water projects in South Asia in order to aid those in such situations gain access to a treasure many of us take for granted.

Our sustainable water projects have made life changing differences to many living in harsh dry, climates. Not only do residents depend on such systems; so do their animals and the irrigation of fields etc. on which their livelihoods depend.
After carrying out our essential case assessments, we work with local engineers to not only build wells; by water-boring as deep as 400ft in some areas, but purification systems also to ensure an ongoing supply of clean, fresh water for future generations. Our tanks on the other hand, collect water during the monsoon season which is then used in dry summer months when water is at its scarcest.

None of us can doubt the immense value clean water plays in our lives. Alhamdulillah, in our part of the world we have steady, easy access at the twist of a tap, yet it is taken for granted. Upon being asked regarding the most virtuous form of Sadaqah, Rasoolullah (sallalahu alaiyhis wasallam) replied, "[Providing] water." (Abu Dawud)

Hence, we invite you to join with us in helping provide these essential Drops of Life to those who need it most.



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